Thirsties: Traditional Diaper with a Modern Twist

We’re gearing up for “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” Giveaway Event in just 2 days!!!  Thirsties is one of our wonderful sponsors for the event, and they so generously gave me one of their diapers for a review…

After I got over the initial shock of wanting to cloth diaper my child (I was one of the last people you’d expect to do such a thing), I was determined to keep it as simple (for me) as possible.  Meaning, I would not under any circumstances use prefolds.  I sheepishly admit that avoided those “old-fashioned diapers,” snappis and anything that resembled a pin like the plague.  So when Thirsties told me they were sending a Duo Hemp prefold and Duo Wrap Snap, my initial thought was “oh, great” (and not in a good way).  But after I got to thinking a bit, this modern mama decided to give it a fair (gulp) shot.  (I guess I should have more accurately named this post “A mother eats her words!”)

Find out more about Thirsties on their website and on my previous spotlight sponsor post.  And don’t forget to come back during our “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” Giveaway Event starting December 1st to win about $500 worth of cloth diapering items, including a Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold from Thirsties!

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