Everyone Loves IKEA

If your kids are like mine, they are always “helping” in the kitchen, stealing my gadgets especially when I need them.  These miniature replicas will keep them busy and away from yours for sure.  Not only are they kid-sized, but they actually look like and are made of the same materials as yours!  Part of the DUKTIG line from IKEA, these kitchen toys help children develop social skills by imitating adults.

(I looked up the meaning of the word “DUKTIG” – it means good, apt, able, competent … how very fitting!)

I’ll admit that I had merely only heard of IKEA from my Swedish roommate when living in Southern California many years ago, but had never taken the hour and a half drive to “experience” it.  In retrospect, that was probably a good thing because I might have just gone a little overboard on my very meager salary.  Why?  Because everyone loves IKEA.  There isn’t anyone that I personally know (and has gone into one of their stores) that hasn’t spoken of IKEA without a great fondness and gleam in their eye.

IKEA is about innovative, functional and affordable home furnishings.  Their product range is wide, basically everything you will need in your home – from furniture, kitchenware, appliances, decorative pieces, toys, plants, baby gear, storage and organization solutions (oh, my knees are buckling) – and all at great bargain prices without compromising quality or safety. In fact, IKEA‘s products comply with the strictest standards in the world for the use of chemicals.

Did I mention they have seriously unbeatable prices?  After seeing their price tags, you may ask, “How can they make their products so low in price?”  It’s because IKEA prides itself on doing everything more cost effectively and efficiently.  Here are just a few examples:

  • They use as many renewable materials possible.
  • They cut out typical overhead costs of retail furniture stores in their do-it-yourself type warehouses with no salespeople.
  • They use plain packaging (that is cheap and easy to recycle) with small labels.
  • They print simple picture instructions, which saves on printing costs in different translations.

In doing so, they create a better everyday life with good-quality products, priced for everyone to afford.  There really is something for everyone.  Perhaps that’s why everyone loves IKEA.

(IKEA, if you are listening, could you please open a store near me?  On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea, financially-speaking!)

Fun Fact: IKEA is an acronym for the founder (Ingvar Kamprad), the name of the farm (Elmtaryd), and the name of the village where he grew up (Agunnaryd).

Miniature Tea, Coffee, and Cafe Latte Mug Set: (Recommended age: 8+)

This tiny 10-piece set gives a “spot of tea” a whole new meaning, but my son is enamored with its teeny size.  I mean, what kid isn’t?  Kids are drawn to the littlest versions of adult things.  They are so life-like, and though small, are made of tough stoneware (NOT PLASTIC – Yay!).  We should know, as they have already taken a beating or two.  But you want to know the best part?  Everything you see here is $9.99!

I added this picture so you can see the size of the tea cups

Miniature Kitchen Utensils: (Recommended age: 3+)

At another bargain price of $3.99, this adorable 5-piece set (whisk, soup ladle,tongs, spaghetti server, and slotted spatula) is made of stainless steel and reinforced polyamide. And in case you’re wondering, IKEA does carry all the adult versions of these if you want to match it to your child’s!

Miniature Flatware and Storage Tray: (Recommended age: 3+)

This stainless steel set contains 16 pieces of rounded edged flatware and 1 polypropylene tray.  Leave it to IKEA to think of the storage tray (I LOVE that extra little touch to make it stand out from the competition)!  It’s tiny enough to fit in my own flatware drawer, so that’s where we keep it.  My son loves being able to go into one of our drawers to get his own utensils. He refuses to use any other utensils during mealtimes now, and he loves to have his sister use them, too – she gets to use the tiny spoon, which is actually the perfect size for an infant, in case you’re wondering.  Can you believe this set is only $5.99?

Miniature Cookware Set: (Recommended age: 3+)

Perhaps my favorite is this 4-piece cookware set (which ends up being a 5-piece set with the lid).  Made of stainless steel with rounded edges, this set includes a frying pan, a wok, and a steamer combo pot with a lid.  The first thing my son noticed was that the steamer looked exactly like mine!  Unfortunately, this set is hand wash only – it’s a good thing we’re not using it for real cooking, so there are no serious messes to clean.  Again, it is affordably priced at $9.99.

15-Piece Breakfast Food Set: (Recommended age 3+)

So it may not be made of the same materials as other expensively-priced felt food, but this polyester food set does the job and our kids didn’t notice any differences.  At the moment it’s my 10 month old that drools all over the pieces, so I’m glad they are machine washable!  IKEA‘s other play food is really adorable as well.  Take a look at these cute little baskets:

Unfortunately, these sets are only available at a physical store (not online), but I have heard most of their stores come complete with a restaurant and a supervised play area drop-off for potty-trained kids.  And if they are not potty-trained, IKEA encourages you to bring them along anyway and test out the toys in their toy area.

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