Addicted to Wool: Sustainablebabyish Review

Yep. I am addicted.  I admit it.  Had I known that wool existed and that I would be this obsessed with it, I would have started cloth diapering with wool a long time ago.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft.  And wonderful.

I know what you’re thinking…
“Wool soft?  Isn’t it itchy?”  But it’s not the typical commercial wool you might have experienced in the past.  Not all wool is created equally. Not even all diaper wool is created equally.  First of all, diaper wool is the softest wool out there, unlike what I call “scratchy wool” that I avoid at wintertime.  And I will reiterate, even diaper wool has its differences.

We have 3 different wool covers in our possession and sustainablebabyish is BY FAR THE SOFTEST WOOL EVER!  Think thick, creamy, cashmere-like qualities.  Now you’ve got an idea of what sustainablebabyish wool feels like.  I even had a friend feel the pants and surprisingly question me, “That’s wool?”  Why yes, yes it is.  Which brings me to another question (this one is directed at sustainablebabyish)… Can you make these in MY size?

The quality of sustainablebabyish wool is not only superb, but its thickness and heaviness is also amazing.  Made from öko-tex certified wool yarn that is double-layer knit, it would be an understatement to say that their wool covers and longies are breathable and comfortable.  Just how comfortable?  My 3 year old son, who is already potty trained and uses them as just pants, spent 4 days straight in those pants, day AND night.  He only took them off to shower, a couple of hours for church, and because I had to lanolize them.

If you are looking for an alternative to synthetic PUL covers, wool’s the choice for you.  Since wool is a natural, breathable fiber, it allows air to circulate and reduces diaper rash.  And like all wool products, they are perfect for year-round use, as wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  If you aren’t familiar with wool covers, these longies serve as a diaper cover (so no other cover is needed).  Just pair them with any combination of diapers, prefolds and fitteds, and you’re set.  The sbish combination of wool longies and their fitteds work extremely well overnight as a leak-proof system. Here are my two babies in their longies. (Ignore my feeble attempts at trying get my daughter to have wear a bow on her non-existent hair.)

Washing wool covers is not as difficult as one might think.  Actually, it’s so much easier and less time consuming than other cloth diaper options.  Basically you add water to a tub or basin, a little dissolved lanolin, a little wool wash and allow the covers to soak for a while.  Drain – NO RINSING IS NEEDED! Squeeze excess water (do not wring), roll between 2 towels or use the spin cycle in your washer, then lay flat to dry.  That’s it.  And you want to know the best part about washing these covers?  You only need to wash them every 2 to 4 weeks (or unless it gets soiled)!  If the covers get a little wet, don’t fret.  Just turn them inside out and allow them to air dry.  Any urine smell will come right out.  The lanolin in wool naturally repels water and is anti-microbial.

Sbish wool covers aren’t the only soft products that they carry.  Their organic bamboo fleece sized fitteds are super buttery soft as well.  Each fitted comes with a double layer of snap-in soakers and a doubler that has 3 layers of bamboo fleece.  I once (accidentally) left my daughter in this fitted for several hours (she wet in them at least a couple of times) and had absolutely no leakage.

The organic bamboo fleece fitteds are absolutely great but if you are worried about bulkiness, I won’t lie to you.  These are quite bulky.  But when paired with the wool longies, it really doesn’t matter.  :)

Sbish also offers the snapless-multi fitted.  It’s a mult-size (OS) organic cloth diaper without snaps (hence the name) that is a more affordable and trimmer alternative to their bamboo fitted.  This heavy organic bamboo cotton terry diaper has two 3-layer organic bamboo fleece doublers (you can also add more, if needed), so they are really absorbent.  With the longer wings, you can secure it quickly and easily with one diaper pin (which is also included), though you can also use a snappi if you prefer.

Because these fitteds have turned and topstitched leg elastic and no velcros or snaps, nothing is exposed to or rubbing against your baby’s sensitive skin.

In using the mulit-size option for a smaller baby, all you need to do fold the front down to create a shorter rise before securing with a pin or snappi.  No configurations of any kind are needed.

sbish makes diaper pinning look appealing and easy!

The great thing about all of sbish fitteds is that they come pre-washed and prepped, so they can be used straight from the package.  Sustainablebabyish, thanks for making it so incredibly easy to cloth diaper!

BUY: You can buy sustainablebabyish wool longies for $64.  Not so cheap, but if you realize how long they will last you, that they are all handmade with double-layer knit and that you don’t have to wash them very often, they are an incredible bargain.

Their organic bamboo fleece sized fitteds are $23 (for natural and natural with color contrast stitching) and $23 (for colors).

Their snapless-multi fitted diapers are $18 (for natural color) and $19 (for contrasts).

Find out more about sbish on their website and on my previous spotlight sponsor post.  And don’t forget to come back during our “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” Giveaway Event starting December 1st to win about $500 worth of cloth diapering items, including a starter kit from sustainablebabyish!

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    I share your wool addiction and I am also a huge fan of Sustainablebabyish. My SBish covers are my go to covers for overnight protection and super soft, just like you said. LOVE!

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    Kelli McCormick says:

    Great review!

    The price of the OBF fitteds colors seems to be misquoted as the same as that of the natural and contrast stitched OBF, however (just didn’t want anyone upset thinking Sloomb had suddenly raised their prices or something). 😉


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