A Stay-At-Home Mother’s Thanks

Being a stay-at-home mom at times is difficult.  Okay, it’s always difficult, but the rewards are great as well.  Oftentimes I have to remind myself of all for which I am thankful.  Often.

I am thankful for the dirty diapers that need to be washed, the toddler and the baby that keep clinging on to me as I am so desperately trying to get something done, the crying, the late nights, the stuffy snotty noses, the “I need to go potty” (for the tenth time in a row).  That means I have been blessed with a baby in my arms.  Two, in fact.

I am thankful for the dirty dishes in the sink that I do 3 times per day, the unloading and loading of the dishwasher and the dirty counters and tables I clean after each meal.  That means we are blessed with good, healthy food to nourish our bodies.

I am thankful for the dogs that bark and wake up the baby every time the UPS man comes to the door.  That means that we have these furry friends to keep us company and help calm my nerves when I am alone at night and scared.  it also means we have mail and packages!  :)

I am thankful for the messy house, the unmade beds, the messy car, the toys strewn in every which corner, the list on undone chores and the pile of bills I have been avoiding for the last week and a half.  That means that have a home, a comfortable bed and warm blanket, a car to take us places we want and need to go, and that we (including my kids) are not without, necessities and otherwise.

I am thankful for the laundry that keeps piling up daily even though I do at least one load per day.

I am thankful for the mountains (literally) of leaves that need to be raked.  That means that we have big, beautiful trees to shade us in the hot summers.  it also means we can jump in and crunch the leaves (oh, how I love that sound).

I am thankful for the coats, hats, gloves, and scarves that take us about 25 minutes to put on both kids (while they grumble and squirm about) before we go outside and the additional 5 minutes it takes to take off once we arrive, only to repeat the process again and again daily.  That means we have the right clothes to suit the weather outside.

I am thankful for the socks and shoes that get left out of place by my husband.  That means that I have a husband who is also a loving father to love me.  He also works hard every day and night and many weekends, which so graciously allows me to be a SAHM.

I am thankful for the work that I have to do on a daily basis to this blog that so often plagues me in my sleep (when I do manage to get some) and on which I can never get caught up. That means that I have faithful readers, paying advertisers and free items received for reviews.  Not to mention internet and a computer.

I am thankful for the crazy Sunday mornings that despite our efforts, we can never seem to make it to Sunday School class on time (even though I am a teacher!).  That means that we serve and worship a great GOD freely and that there are a growing bunch of his tiniest flock awaiting to hear HIS words (when I do manage to arrive).

Thank you GOD for so richly blessing this stay-at-home mom.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of our readers!


  1. 1

    All very important, beautiful blessings! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Valerie! Enjoy your family today!

  2. 2

    well said. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. 3

    Wonderful; I know exactly how you feel! I’m following from Blogmania ’11.

  4. 4

    :) i never can seem to get out on time any more

  5. 5

    @Nathania I know what you mean! And I used to be not only punctual, but EARLY!

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