A Merry Fluffy Christmas *Sponsor Spotlight* Wee Little Changes (EXTRA ENTRIES CLOSED)

Since we’re on a roll, we’ll continue with our “old friends,” on “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” sponsor spotlights… Wee Little Changes

If there is ever a store that is more dedicated to catering to and helping newbies switch to cloth it is Wee Little Changes, a family-operated store in North Carolina.  Tons of incentives plus long-term help for all cloth mamas is what April, the shop owner, offers!

  • They have a try-it-out” rental program for just $10 a week (which is less than you would spend on disposables).
  • They offer monthly a

    Cloth 101 Workshop and free consultations to locals.

  • All of their packaged deals come with a free gift.
  • April is incredibly patient and knowledgeable on all things pertaining to cloth. Must be all the countless hours she dedicates to researching diapers (and she never sells one that she wouldn’t use on her own family)!
  • The WLC blog posts about their experiences with cloth diapers, specific ones and in general, and answers a lot of common and not-so-common cloth diapering questions (even for the non-beginner).  Their blog also lists the current coupon code on the sidebar that you’ll want to check often.
  • Their 

    Friends Tell Friends

    rewards program can get you amazing discounts and coupons (free product and $20 and $50 OFF coupons!).

  • FREE domestic SHIPPING
  • 30-day returns

Wee Little Changes sells more than just your average cloth diapers.  Just look at the variety they carry – designer diapers, toys, nursing pads, mama pads, blankets, birth announcements, baby cocoons, bottles, wraps and much more!  You’ll find the perfect splurge for a friend or the perfect item to complete your own stash.  Even gift wrapping is available for those of us who need it.

Don’t know where to start?  Check out their best sellers and any new items for some inspiration (or you could ask April).  Don’t forget to browse their clearance items for some extra special deals.

So what is Wee Little Changes generously contributing to our Fluffy Stash package that is now almost $500 in “fluffy” goodness? An Olive Jane designer diaper cover (valued at $25 but on sale for $19.99 right now)!

Here is your chance to get EXTRA ENTRIES into the “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” Giveaway Event! Do any or all of the following, leave a comment right here and I will transfer over those comments into the giveaway package on Day 2 of the event!

  1. Follow Wee Little Changes on Twitter AND Tweet the following: I can’t wait to #WIN a designer diaper from @WeeLittleChange @ANationOfMoms “Fluffy Christmas” #Giveaway in Dec! http://bit.ly/dqDppq #ppro (You may tweet daily for 1 extra entry per day)
  2. Become a fan of Wee Little Changes on Facebook AND post the following on their wall: I am so excited to enter the Wee Little Changes giveaway during A Nation Of Moms’ “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” Event on December 1st-5th! http://bit.ly/dqDppq (2 extra entries)
  3. Follow the Wee Little Changes blog. (1 extra entry)
  4. Sing up for the Wee Little Changes newsletter (2 extra entries)

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