A Merry Fluffy Christmas *Sponsor Spotlight* EMAB (EXTRA ENTRIES CLOSED)

Another “old friend,” on “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” sponsor spotlights… Earth Mama Angel Baby

You want what’s best for your child.  You read food labels, you’re careful what cleaning products you use around the baby, and you even make sure that the toys that baby puts in her mouth are safe.  But do you read the labels on your baby’s lotion?  How about soap?  Shampoo?  Are you sure they are safe?  No?  Well, go get them – I’ll wait.

{…  … … … … … … …  … … … … … … …  … … … … … … …  … … … … … ….}

Good, you’re back.  Now that you have them, read the labels.  Are they completely toxin-free, pure, and natural?  If not (or you can’t pronounce, read or understand the ingredients, I challenge you to take a quick peek at the Skin Deep database and check your specific products to see their hazard rating.  Surprised?  I was when I first checked my own baby’s products (which you would think is completely safe).  Those hazard ratings actually haunted me for several months until I decided enough was enough.  Now, the only thing that touches my baby’s skin is pure and natural goodness, and I sleep so much better because of it.  Well, as good as a mom with 2 young kids can!  :)

Take a look at the herbal products that Earth Mama Angel Baby offers (you’ve heard us mention EMAB before).  Their ENTIRE line of products for baby and mom (from pregnancy to breastfeeding and everything inbetween) is completely, 100% toxin-free, safe, organic, vegan, and rated zero (which is the best rating you can receive) on the aforementioned database.  No preservatives, fragrances, dyes, SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, lanolin, nut oils, formaldehyde, or anything else that is toxic or hard to pronounce.

Our kids are naturally prone to childhood skin allergies (thanks to me) and eczema (thanks to my husband’s genes), so we try to be extra careful.  We currently use the Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Bottom Balm and have had zero issues.  Every time we use the lotion, my baby smells like an orange creamsicle, and it brings back memories of eating those orange creamsicle push-pops when I was a kid.  (I guess that really shows my age, doesn’t it?)

And any time even a little redness starts to appear, we use the bottom balm immediately.  By the next diaper change, we’re back to a nice normal pink baby skin.  It’s THAT effective but completely gentle, pure and safe on her skin and sensitive areas.  (And it’s cloth diaper-safe as well).  We even use it on chapped lips, minor cuts and scrapes, and itchy bug bites.  The container is small (we have the 1 ounce size) but it has lasted us several months already and we’re only halfway through.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has more than just baby care products.  They carry a complete pregnancy and postpartum line.  Here is a sampling of some of their products: (an array of products, kits, gifts and teas for pregnancy pampering, morning sickness, heartburn, breastfeeding, baby loss, and birth recovery – including a bottom balm for mamas, too)

Plus, get free shipping on orders over $49 and flat rate shipping of $5.95 on all orders under $49.

So what is Earth Mama Angel Baby generously contributing to our Fluffy Stash package that is now almost $500 in “fluffy” goodness? An Angel Baby Kit (a $39.95 value)!  These kits are discontinued so you won’t find them anywhere else!

The Angel baby Kit includes:

  • Angel Baby Bath Blossoms (1.5 oz)
  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm (1 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Lotion (2 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Oil (1 oz.)
  • Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (1.67 fl. oz.)
  • Angel Baby Sleep CD

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