A Merry Fluffy Christmas Event *Sponsor Spotlight* Baby Legs (EXTRA ENTRIES *CLOSED*)

In continuing with our “oldie but goodie” theme on “A Merry Fluffy Christmas” sponsor spotlights, I introduce to you, BabyLegs

I’ve talked quite a bit about BabyLegs since having the chance to review them last spring, and let me tell you again, I love these little leg warmers year around!  They’re even a perfect companion when traveling.  If I were to take a look at my daughter’s closet, I would find about a dozen of them, but after browsing BabyLegs tonight, I feel like we need to own a few more.

Pretty much every mom has heard the buzz on BabyLegs by now, but in case you haven’t, get out of that cave you’re living in let me fill you in on their great attributes…

If I had to sum up BabyLegs in one phrase, it would be “where fashion meets functionality.”  BabyLegs keep babies and children warm, protected and stylish in so many ways.  Protected from the sun, the cold wind and temperatures, bugs, rug burns and hard surfaces when crawling.  Wearing BabyLegs leg warmers without additional pants makes changing diapers and potty training so very uncomplicated.  No layers upon layers to remove, no worries when “blowouts” occur, and they certainly keep the babes toasty during the process.  (For all those cloth diapering mamas, BabyLegs leg warmers are also great with wool covers.)
I can’t tell you how tough these leg warmers are.  Through some serious crawling and copious amounts of wash cycles later, not one of them looks tattered.

The collection, ranging from $10 to $15, has definitely grown since the last time I “window shopped,” and I have found some new favorites.  Did you know they even have newborn-sized BabyLegs?  Yep!  Perfectly sized for the tiniest of legs.

Need an alternative to the Christmas sweater?  BabyLegs has you covered with their new holiday edition.

With all the new trendy styles for infants, toddlers, girls, and boys, you’ll surely find one that perfectly matches your little one’s personality.

But it’s not just for young children!  Tweens, teens and adults can use them as well:

  • Arm warmers for bicyclists, runners, kayakers and hikers
  • An extra layer for camping or skiing or Layer under a t-shirt
  • Fun and funky fashion accessory, adding personality to any outfits
BabyLegs also offers girls tights (regular and footless), baby socks, and their brand new line, WooBee, a versatile “blanket” that can be used as a nursing cover, play mat, or blanket for the car seat, carrier, or stroller.  Check them out!

So what is BabyLegs generously contributing to our Fluffy Stash package that is now almost $500 in “fluffy” goodness? FOUR pairs of holiday leg warmers!  (Just in time to stuff those stockings.)

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