Thanks to our faithful readers, this “Village” is no longer a village!  And we’re no longer just raising kids.

Since January this blog has grown to include help topics in just about every facet of your life, whether it’s parenting, homemaking, organization, marriage, faith and beyond.  Our readership has grown, as well as our number of contributing authors.  So, it was only natural to reflect this new growth.

In the coming weeks, you will notice a new name, a new website domain and a new Twitter handle (we’re still working on FaceBook!).  All the same great information, writers, and fun but under a new name and tag line…

A Nation of Moms: Uniting together to build strong families

That’s a lot of moms (a nation, to be exact) coming together to help each other make our families and homes a better place.  And it’s all possible because of you, so thank you!


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    So excited to see this awesome place growing!!!!

  2. 2

    Thanks, Shannon!


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