The Return of BlogMania


After the success of our participation in BlogMania 2010, the Village of Moms is excited to announce our participation in the BlogMania 2011 Dream Team! BlogMania 2011 is already gearing up to be MINDBLOWING. A party every month. More simple entry rules. BETTER prizes.

We are still working on the sponsor list for the prizes for both events. Once finalized, the sponsors and accompanying prizes will be listed here. What we can reveal are the two themes (one in April and one in October) and that ONE winner takes ALL.

Theme: “No More Desperate Housewives”
It’s the best of the best, the cream of the crop;
On a housewife’s list, they rise to the top!

This prize package will be filled with DREAM items to cure ONE housewife of the mundane.

Theme: “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted”
You know the Go-Go’s song? Every time I say say the name of this theme, I can’t help but sing the song. Only in this vacation, it’s not “meant to be spent alone.”

Want to be a sponsor? Email us.

Have a blog and want to join the Dream Team? BLOGMANIA is now accepting applications from and recruiting some of the most talented people in their respected blogging fields (see the approved list of blogs below). Please use Referral Code #38 when signing up!

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