Is Organic Always Better for You? No!

After many comments and emails at, I must clarify one thing……Organic is not always better for you …in the sense of calories, fat, etc.  It still remains better for you in regards to the lack of chemicals, pesticides and bleach used to process conventional foods.

Yes  … I said it….. Great question!  I had one of my followers recently post the following comment to my last Organic v. All-Natural post:

Here is my problem with Organic, I think its great and if you can afford it DO IT!!!! However I know a lot of people who are convinced that beacause what they are eating is organic that makes it good for you…so not true. Organic pop tarts still have far too many calories a ton of sugar and so on. I’m all for organic, but don’t think your eating well just because its organic.

So, let’s discuss this to clear up a common misnomer.  Organic is not always good for you!  It’s just BETTER for you THAN conventional.  Since the case of the Pop Tart has arisen, let’s use that for our example.  Here are the two labels side by side – both representative of their Strawberry Frosted Pastries:



As you can see, the entire bloodline of both labels are within reach of each other.  They are both riddled with sugar and high in salt content – both are not healthy for you!

The main difference?  Well, Nature’s Path is organically certified.  So, although it is very unhealthy, as is the conventional, we have learned that at least 95% of its ingredients are free of pesticides and additives.  Also, an organic treat such as this – that contains sugar – will contain unbleached sugar, whereas Kellogg’s would contain bleached sugar.  Yes – the same bleach that you clean with….wow!

For example, both unhealthy? Yes.

But would you rather ingest a product made with organic, pesticide-free sugar or a product with sugar derived from fields saturated in pesticides?

That is a personal choice.

We all know where I stand.

I hope that does help clear up that point.

Thank you for the comment my faithful follower and I look forward to furthering such discussions in future posts!


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