FREE Baby Sling

I am not one for posting sales and promotions all the time, but when my friend Emily passed this information along to me this morning, I couldn’t resist. Seven Slings is offering a FREE SLING (Retail value of $48!!) to anyone who uses this code “onefree” (just pay s/h).

I don’t know how long the code will last, so HURRY before your favorite color/pattern runs out or the coupon expires.

Use promotional code “onefree” during checkout when purchasing a sling at Seven Slings.

About Seven Slings

  • “Cut from a different cloth”, our bold and unique fabrics are perfect for moms that don’t want typical gear.
  • 97% Cotton 3% Lycra – making it comfortable to wear for both you and your baby- not losing shape over time.
  • Infants to toddlers (35 lbs or less). Machine washable.


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    Great deal! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. 2

    No problem! :)

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