Designer Diapers: Cloth Diapering in Style

The most common reasons we hear for choosing to cloth diaper your baby are: they are more economical than disposables, they are better for baby’s skin, and they are better for our planet. As cloth diapers continue to grow in popularity, we can now add a new reason to the list…cloth diapers and covers are becoming a fashion statement. Whether it is a plain or bright color you seek or a subtle or dramatic pattern, there is now a cloth diaper style for your baby. In fact, when you read about some of the latest fads in cloth diaper styles, you just might agree…cloth diapers are in!

So-Soft Fabrics
There are many fabrics to choose from when looking for a cloth diaper for your baby. Soft, fluffy cotton is probably the most popular, but there are some new options available as well. Happy Heinys now makes a pocket diaper in organic hemp, which is the latest in sustainable fabrics. Hemp is trendy not only for being green, but also because it is naturally absorbent. Kissaluvs makes a breathable wool diaper cover that is said to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, they look like little sweater pants and are super cute to boot!

A Rainbow of Colors

Fuzzibuns (R) Pocket Diapers in an arrray of yummy colors!

Cloth diaper manufacturers have responded to their customers’ requests for some new and exciting color options. Since babies wear cloth diapers and covers every day, many parents have asked to see more than just traditional pink, yellow or blue. Looks like these parents got their wish as many of the major brands frequently add new colors to their diaper lines. “Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy, Buttercream, Choco Truffle…” all sound like yummy ice cream flavors, but are really…you guessed it….color choices for the bestselling FuzziBunz Pocket Diaper. These vibrant and modern colors can be matched to a baby’s outfit, becoming a fashion accessory as much as a practical necessity.

Patterns: Get Busy

The BumGenuis (R) Artist Series by Chelsea Perry

Bummis, for one, has announced some brand new prints for their diaper covers, to be released next month. Right now, Bummis offers prints called, “Big City, Jungle, and Froggy Pond,” so who knows what’s next? Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper prints are also nothing to sneeze at with “Gumball, Owl and Lil Monster” prints, among others. And for the truly fashion-forward, bumGenius has just unveiled its Artist Series. The first in the Artist Series is a line designed by Chelsea Perry called the “Tiny Socialite Collection.” With names like, “Jet Setter” and “Eiffel Tower,” it’s clear that the company wants you to focus on the fashion and not the utility. Cloth Diapers, you’ve come a long way, baby!

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    Julie Burgett says:

    I know my husband may call me the Christmas Nazi (like off the old show ‘Friends’), but, I have been searching for Christmas prints in covers. Or any holiday for that matter…am I the only one? I mean, how cute would it be to see a little Santa butt or reindeer butt run by with ‘matching’ leggings (Santa boots, reindeer legs, tree trunks, elf socks, etc). If I had a sewing machine and someone to teach me to sew (I grew up without a mom…just dad and my brothers…no one to teach me to sew), I would make some in a heartbeat! If someone is aware of holiday prints, please let me know!! Thanks!

  2. 2

    Julie, I hope you find someone that knows. it WOULd be cute to have a reindeer one! :)

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    Today is my 1 year wedding avsrneinary. Since becoming married, I got pregnant, decided to cloth diaper before giving birth, and have become in tune with being Earth Friendly!For our one year, we are going to pant a couple of trees and a pineapple out back!Hope your 22 April is good!

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