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If you are looking for fun, wholesome music to put a little spring in your step, a little life in your party and a little groove in your move, this (Putumayo Kids) is the stuff.  My kids and I love to take a break from school and do a little dance.  (Luckily, no one is around to see it!)  It is fun to talk about how the music is the same or different than something else and help them identify different instruments.  Several of the songs are remixes of old, familiar songs.  My kids would say, “Hey!  I know this song!”

It is funny, but my kids each have a favorite song on each album and sometimes end up playing it repeatedly.  Then I go around the house singing or humming them for the rest of the day.  The albums are a fun conglomeration of a variety of songs by different artists.  There is a little something for everyone!  The result is a terrific tool to expose your kids to all kinds of music, whether you are a music teacher, a school room teacher, a Mom or a music therapist.  Lots of excellent music packed onto each CD!

At  Putumayo Kids, you can download lyrics, hear sample tracks and print a teaching guide for the Jazz Playground Album!

From the website:


Kids of all ages can shake, rattle and roll to music by a stellar group of established and up-and-coming artists. A charmingly illustrated read-aloud booklet also accompanies the CD, with notes about the history of rock & roll and the story of each song.


From bebop and swing to Latin and African jazz, this multicultural CD celebrates the vibrant diversity and global influence of jazz and will get the whole family grooving!

Over the last century, jazz has traveled around the world and influenced musicians in even the most remote corners of the earth. Jazz Playground demonstrates how artists in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania have adopted jazz and made it their own.


Picnic Playground provides a veritable feast of international songs about food, cooking and healthy eating in a global gumbo of musical styles and languages. American artist Jay Mankita’s opening song “Eat Like a Rainbow” sets the tone for the album, and the delectable songs that follow from Australia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Canada and Trinidad add to the exuberant musical smörgåsbord. These fun, upbeat songs will help get kids moving and dancing to the rhythms.

AND…If you are looking for music for yourself, check out the online catalog that includes the following: Africa, Asia, Blues/Jazz, Brazil, Caribbean/Reggae, Celtic, Europe, Global, Groove, Holiday, Latin, Louisiana, Lounge, and Middle East.  Who would have thought that there would be one stop shopping for good music?!?

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