Summer of Green (Part 3)

Live Green Mom continues her “Green” Summer…

If you’ve read my blog Live Green Mom, you know I am all about small changes that add up over time. Small changes are easier to make and easier to stick to, like my small change using glass straws.

Over the past year I have been using less and less paper products. My economy sized package of 12 rolls of paper towels that I bought at the price club? I’ve had it for a couple of years. I only use about a roll every few months. If that!  No kidding.  I use old wash cloths to clean everything now. (I’m working towards as little one-use products, such as paper towels & napkins, paper plates, etc, as possible.)

So as of February, I use washcloths now as napkins. I know there are nicer cloth napkins, but for my family and everyday use, plain old white washcloths do just fine. I got a package of 15 for $7.99 at the price club.

One person asked me if it was really worth it, if having to wash these on a regular basis somehow negated the good it did by not using a paper product. Consider this: someone has drive a truck to go and cut down trees, transport those trees in a large truck to a process mill, get processed, then use energy to process that into a napkin. Then it is transported to a store which you drive to, buy them, drive them home, then use once. That is quite a bit of fuel, energy, and resources to create a product used once, then thrown away. Yes, I believe it is worth it.

I have a system in my house for washcloths: the nicest, newest ones are the table napkins. The ones that are starting to get stained and dingy are in a bin in the kitchen as out ‘paper towel’ substitute, for when you spill the orange juice or spaghetti sauce. The rattiest ones become my wash/mop rags.

This is a small, painless green step that invites the conversation with your children, their friends, your friends, etc. Living by example! Since starting this in February, it has been a no-brainer, sort of a ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ type of change. If more people would make this small change, imagine the impact!

My kids both had play-dates the day I did this and pointed them out first thing to their friends.

“We’re being green!” my daughter proclaimed proudly. Yep, we are.


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    I have been using rags so much more recently, reducing the need for stuff like paper towels or even stinky sponges. It is so convenient and easy.. I even mop my kitchen floors with rags. I keep a bin handy for everything from spills to other unexpected messes.


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