Photography 101

Are you terrified of your camera?  Maybe you don’t even own a camera and you spend hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars a year to have professionals take pictures of your kids for you? The purpose for my photography posts will be to help you overcome your fears and learn to take great shots of your growing family.  You will be so glad that you stepped outside your comfort zone to document the precious moments that happen in your day-to-day world!

Photography has always been a passion of mine– from the time my Dad took me to Target to buy my first little point-and-shoot camera and I went through a whole roll of film in the first hour (thank goodness for digital!) to now when my favorite subject is my sweet 15-month-old son who had over 1000 pictures taken of him in the first three days of his life.  I enjoy photography as a creative outlet as well as for archiving the special occasions and everyday blessings in my family.  My hope is that whether you are a seasoned photographer or haven’t touched your camera in months, you will be able to find a little inspiration from my monthly posts!

I thought the best way to start out would be with some “quick tips” to get you started in the right direction.  Enjoy!

#1– Make sure your camera is easy to get to. If you have easy access to your camera, you will miss fewer of the cute candid moments that spring up unexpectedly.

#2– Get closer.  Either physically move closer to your subject or use your zoom to zoom in.  You’ll be surprised how much more pleasing to the eye close-ups can be!

#3– Move.  Try taking the same shot from another viewpoint, or, tilt your camera.  Even a diagonal shot can sometimes be the best.

#4– Get down. Similar to #3, especially when shooting photos of children, get down to their level.  Even if this means laying on the floor!  You will be amazed at how much better your pictures of your kids look when they’re not all taken from the level of an adult!

#5– Look for unwanted items
.  If you have time, before you start shooting, look through your camera for items you may not want in your photo.  Move them to the side or move yourself so they will not distract from your subject.

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