Non-Toxic for Baby: an i play Review

For one of my BlogMania packages, i play is contributing two great items that I was personally able to review these past few weeks. A Stainless Steel Bottle and a Cornstarch Hand Teether from green sprouts!

Who is i play?   i play offers many eco-friendly and baby-friendly products that are non-toxic and safe ? from toys to clothing to diapers to bibs to sunglasses feeding accessories and more.  Check out this post for a full interview with the company.

The 12 ounce Stainless Steel Bottle features a sports pop top in a fun, vibrant green color, and can hold warm or cold beverages.   This bottle has definitely proven its durability time and again, as it has been dropped on the concrete (!) a few times and not a single dent has been added.

When he first saw it, my son loved its color and size (it’s perfect for small hands to grasp), quickly becoming his favorite drinking vessel.  It goes everywhere with him, including to bed at night.  I personally love that it is easy to clean.  Just pop it into the dishwasher and voila!  No smells, no stains, no funny tastes and NO MORE PLASTIC!!!

Recommended age: 12 months – 2 yr.+
Price: At this time, you cannot purchase directly from i play, but they are working on their website, and the new one (with their online store) will be launching soon .  You can purchase this in various online stores, including Amazon for $8.95!!!

Babies just put everything in their mouths, so having something safe and non-toxic is of utmost importance to me.  Because we have been trying to phase out plastic in our household, I have been so thankful to find items such as these for my teething baby. It’s not just BPA-free, it’s non-plastic so mommy can rest assured!

This biodegradable Cornstarch Hand Teether is made from cornstarch resin and has soft silicone finger-like projections.  The best part about this teether, and probably my daughter’s favorite feature, is that it doubles as a rattle.  And it’s not annoyingly loud and obnoxious either.  It’s a soft, mellow rattling sound.  The design of this teether is careful and thoughtful.  The ring makes it easy for the baby to hold on to, while the flexible “fingers” fit perfectly inside baby’s mouth.  Since her bottom lateral incisors are trying to emerge, my daughter likes to put two “fingers” in her mouth at a time, and this design allows for that.  Perfect teether if you ask me (or rather, my daughter!).

Recommended age: 3 months+
Price: You can purchase this from Amazon for $7.95

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