Blessings and Miracles

I thought that I would stray away from Smart Tip Tuesday today, and give some food for thought.  BUT, If you would like to read the continuation from last week’s DIY Cloth Pocket Diaper, click here.

You know those stories you hear about missionaries in far off countries who share about the ways God has provided for them?  Well, I never knew what to think about those stories…not because I didn’t believe them, but because they sometimes seemed too good to be true.  Like they were staged or exaggerated or something.
Little faith…
…and I am ashamed of those thoughts I had.  My family has been through the ringer for the last 2 years, but God has ALWAYS provided for us.  Not only our needs, but little things that provide comfort – because here in the US we have a very skewed idea of what a NEED is.  We actually NEED very LITTLE.

So our family has gone through a LOT, but God is so amazing.  I was at the verge of tears this morning and had to write about this.  I cannot hold it in any longer.  I want to shout it at the top of my lungs…My King is an amazing one, a magnificent, awesome, providing King who cares about the little things in our insignificant lives.  He, the creator of all the universe cares that I have a place to rest my head, clothes on my back, and food in my belly….and not only that, but a comfortable place to rest, quality clothes, and good food.

He cares.
He loves.
He protects.
He provides.
Wow.  I am so blessed.  We hit some hard times about a year and a half ago, and were practically homeless.  God gave us a free place to stay.  He gave us a completely beautiful new bedroom set for not only my husband and I, but our three little boys.  He gave us good food to eat and cook with.  He gave us a church that loves and encourages and lifts us up in prayer.  He gave us diapers on our last leg, milk on our last carton, and money on our last dime.  He has given us above and beyond our expectations, He has protected us in so many ways.  That’s my King!  I think there is one way to end this post, and that is with this video.


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    God is good ALL THE TIME!

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    Andrea Paetkau says:

    God is so good! I, too, feel so blessed by what God has provided for us in the last year. Thanks be to God!


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