Meet Milkin’ Cookies

We’re extremely excited that Milkin’ Cookies is one of our BlogMania sponsors!  Why?  I am currently eating one as I type this!

A little interview with Dr. Lennox at Milkin’ Cookies

Tell me a little about yourself.
We’re both full-time physicians and moms & struggle to balance both. I’ve (Lennox) struggled with my milk supply since my son was born–he was a preemie, and we had a long NICU stay. We both have crazy schedules and lots of stress at work, so we’ve struggled with supply issues at work as well. Cheri made a batch of lactation cookies for us, and because we both love to bake and also try to be fairly healthy, we tweaked the cookies ’til we found a recipe that worked, tasted great, and was as healthy as we could make it. We shared the cookies with friends and then decided to share them with other moms.

What do you sell?
We sell lactation cookies.

What product(s) are your best sellers?
People seem to like the variety pack of cookies best. Cheri’s favorite are the Cranberry Almond Oatmeal, and mine are the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. We’re working on new flavors now.

New and upcoming additions to your current list of products?
Yes–but they’re surprises!

Do you have a blog, Twitter or FaceBook account?

Check out our blog–we’ll be featuring posts on summer safety for kids including proper helmet fitting. And there will be a video of Cheri doing a proper car seat installation.

What will they be offering as a prize during BlogMania?
A two-week supply of cookies.

So, wanna get the “low-down” on their cookies?
Come back tomorrow for a review!

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