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This is a “Tail of Two Dogs.”  It was the best of dogs; it was the worst of dogs.  Just kidding.  No Charles Dickens novels here, but we do have two dogs, silver labs.

I love my dog, ahem, dogs (Zuma’s mine and Kona’s my husband’s).  We want what’s best for them, so that they can live long, healthy lives.  From the time we brought our first dog home almost 5 years ago, we have fed her only quality foods.  It started out with your average high quality, premium dog food that you can buy at your local pet food store.  However, we quickly discovered that Zuma was highly allergic to certain ingredients (we are still unsure of which).  Her eyes get itchy and red (she rubs them constantly), her coat thins out considerably, and her skin dries up like a raisin then flakes.  After several days of this, Zuma gets MISERABLE.

Searching for the right food was quite a task.  We went through just about every brand and every variety of dog food on the market.  It wasn’t until I found a local pet food delivery service that I learned about the super-premium formulas from Premium Edge.  After researching them, I loved everything about them and was eager to have our beloved baby puppy try their food.

We went though the lamb, then the chicken… and though she enthusiastically ate food for the first time, she still had allergic reactions to both.  However, the third one was a charm!  Skin and Coat (salmon) was her perfect match.  Zuma devoured the food like she had never done before, tail a waggin’.  I mean this stuff REALLY made her happy.  (Any time we have to be away from her food for a while due to traveling or running out, her disposition still changes as soon as she gets back on it.)

The best part is that she has NO reaction whatsoever.  She also stopped shedding but once a year and developed (for the first time) a shiny, thick, fluffy and curly coat like I have never seen in any lab.  Every time we went to the vet, they (and other patrons) noted how beautiful her coat was. The vet also noticed that her teeth were extremely healthy and -get this – did not recommend dental cleaning yet. (We actually did go ahead and get it done when she turned 3 years old, but the vet said there was hardly anything there to clean.)

When it came down to it, she was eating better than the rest of us.  Other brands’ salmon varieties did not have this same effect on her.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I do know this:

Premium Edge manufacturers some of the finest all-natural foods available right here in the USA.  All their products are made using pure meats (fresh, certified hormone and antibiotic free meat is the number one ingredient in every formula), whole grains, and select fruits and vegetables.  Containing no ground corn, wheat, or soy, your pet receives the best nutrition for optimal health along with terrific taste and texture.  All of their foods contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, nutrients that help protect the health of the skin and help decrease inflammation.  They offer a complete line of dry food to fit your dog or cat’s specific needs throughout their life, allowing you to feed your pet Premium Edge products throughout their life.

Want to know what each ingredient specifically does for your pet? Read it here on their website.

Our other dog (Kona) does not have this problem.  Actually, she has just the opposite.  She is sleek, soft and oily – too oily, and can start to smell of oiliness.  Although the Skin and Coat formula is perfect for our other dog, it’s really not the right one for Kona.  She needs something that isn’t so, well, oily.  So it was really great to have Tara at Premium Edge send us samples of all the different formulas for Kona to try.  When we received the package, the two pups knew it was for them right away.  Zuma exuberantly sniffed and sniffed until I opened it and gave both dogs one of the Bright Bite treats in the package.

In order to have properly done this review, I had wanted to do a taste test with different brands.  However, that would require purchasing dog food that we frankly would never use.  So, we opted to open up a few sample packages and see what dog went for what Premium Edge formula.  It wasn’t a true taste test, but it was still fun for us to watch.

In the end, it really didn’t matter.

They loved each an every morsel of each variety!  And that’s why we drive an hour each way to buy this stuff.  It’s THAT worth it.

Satisfied and Sleeping

Not convinced?  I triple dog dare you to try one for a week and see the Premium Edge difference in your dog!

BUY: Buy Premium Edge dog and cat foods online at PetFoodDirect.com, ZippyPet.com, and PetFoodAuthority.com, or find a dealer near you.  Don’t know which formula is your best fit?  Read here.

WIN: Premium Edge is offering a lucky pup a Premium Edge Prize Package!  

Included in this package is:

  • A sample of each flavor of Premium Edge
  • Three of each size of Bright Bites
  • A Bright Bite collar
  • The book “101 Dog Tricks” book
  • And a $30 coupon to redeem for Premium Edge food from one of our online distributors, Zippy Pet!


There are lots of ways you can win! Just make sure that you leave a separate comment for each entry. If any of the required steps for are missing, ALL of your entries/comments will not be valid. Bonus entries can be completed after the mandatory entry.


To enter, please visit Premium Edge, and leave a comment here telling me one thing you’ve learned from their FAQ page. This is required and must be done before the extra entries!


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