Got Milk? Milkin’ Cookies Review

Lactating much?  If you have had trouble with your breastmilk supply, you’ll definitely want to stick around for this post…

When my daughter was 3 weeks old, she was hospitalized with dehydration caused by nasty RSV.  All the doctors thought we would be out of there within 24 hours, since she was exclusively breastfed.  A day went by, and we were still there.  Another day went by, still there.  And while all the other RSV-laden children around us checked out, the girl wouldn’t eat!  Perhaps the next day?  Or the next?  Nope!  It took SIX whole days for her to get her act together (through some setbacks), recoup and start to eat again.

I didn’t leave that hospital for a minute during those 6 days.  I was tired, stressed, sleep deprived, dehydrated and malnourished – all great precursors to a decreasing milk supply.  Actually, when she was admitted into the hospital, I was already starting to lose my supply, so the hospital stay only sped things along in the wrong direction.  I contacted the hospital’s lactation consultant, spoke with my local lactation clinic (yes, I had a working relationship with them at the time), and tirelessly pumped with those hospital-grade pumps to no avail.  I think the most I would get in a FULL day’s work would be 3 ounces.  Total.  On a good day.  I really wish I had had some Milkin’ Cookies with me back then.

Eventually my milk supply did return, thanks to the babe’s miraculous sucking ability, but she sure had me worried for SIX. WHOLE. DAYS. That’s not true.  I intermittently worry about my milk supply anyway, so it isn’t the babe’s fault.  As you may have seen in pictures in previous posts, my chunky-legged 6 month old baby girl is not in short supply, but I do worry every once in a while if there’s anything in there. I know there are medications and herbal supplements out there for this very reason, but I am always cautious with ANYTHING I put into my body anyway (I mean, I don’t even take medication when I am sick or in pain).  With Milkin’ Cookies, there is no longer the need to wonder or worry.

Whether you are a worrier like me, or you have problems with a decreasing milk supply, Milkin’ Cookies are a natural solution.

Do they work?
Well, I can tell you from firsthand experience that these cookies work.  I tried a couple of them (one of each flavor) one night after dinner and my supply increased.  Not a whole lot, just a little.  But enough to notice.  And I’m not just imagining it either.

How do they work?
These cookies contain galactogogues, which are ingredients that can help increase production of breastmilk.

What are the ingredients?
Milkin’ Cookies are made with wholesome ingredients (like whole wheat flour, flaxseed, wheat germ, and oats), and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, medicines, or herbs. Check out their ingredient list.  You’ll find nothing you wouldn’t have in your pantry.  All wonderfully natural and safe ingredients.

How do they taste?
Well, I am not one for cookies, unless they just came out of the oven, are loaded with chocolate and are so gooey that they might fall apart when you pick them up.  BUT…these cookies taste rather good.  They are quite crunchy (not my favorite quality in a cookie), and do not taste like a “health” cookie whatsoever.  Yea, they are definitely not like those tasteless bricks disguised as cookies that they sell at health food stores.  These cookies are the real thing.  And they come in two great flavors:  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Almond Oatmeal

But if I eat cookies everyday, how can I shed the baby weight?  Won’t my waistline (or thighs, hips, buttocks) start to grow?
Well, if you too much of anything, you might gain some weight.  However, each Milkin’ Cookie has just 190 calories and 10 grams of fat.  That’s it.  And one cookie contains 3 grams of fiber.  (We all know that fiber supports weight loss by making us feel fuller sooner and stay fuller longer.)

What if my husband accidentally eats one?  Will he suddenly start lactating?
Well, maybe.  No, I’m just kidding.  As I mentioned above in the ingredients question, these cookies have absolutely nothing that the average adult or child can’t eat.  So, go ahead and feed it to him (then tease him about eating a lactation cookie).

My husband actually took a bite of one and really like it.  (And this is coming from a cookie snob.)  Because they are individually packaged, he actually thought he could throw a couple in his work bag to take with him.  Umm, sorry honeybaby, they’re mine.

Visit the Milkin’ Cookies’ website, and buy some today.  Or wait until BlogMania, and win a 2-week supply here!

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    Too bad they’re so expensive. Is there a promotional code available for a discount?

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    Not sure. But you can always try to win them during BlogMania in September. And they do say that there will be some promotions coming up. However, when you are struggling with your milk, this would be a great way to spend the money on instead of medication or herbs. BUT only when you actually need it (not everyday!).

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    The first line of attack is eating a high protein breakfast.
    I thought this would turn me into a super-lean machine.
    ” If this happens, weight loss will slow down and it will become more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

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