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As I have mentioned a couple of times in the recent past, making our home a healthy (toxin-free) home is of upmost importance to me.  As I sit here writing this review, I see a “yucky” hand lotion staring me in the face – it just pierces my heart and makes me cringe.  On a weekly basis, I am this close to boxing up everything toxic and throwing it away (because I sure don’t want to give it to anybody else to use). But I keep reminding myself to baby-step every step of the way.

As far as what to get that’s toxin-free in personal care products, that’s a personal choice.  There are quite a few good ones on the market, but you need to seek them and really study their labels.  Plenty of products boast that they are “natural, but are they really?  How can you distinguish between the truly non-toxic ones and the ones that mask themselves under false names?  One way is to visit the Cosmetic Database to see what they list as possible toxins and their suggestions.  That’s how I started on my quest to healthy living.

In the beginning, I allowed myself products that were rated 3 (0 is best, 10 is worst), and then eventually worked my way down the scale to zero.  It got to a point that I specifically sought out companies with a zero rating.  Now, I don’t even need the rating (the database does not list every brand yet anyway) .  I know exactly what I am looking for (or trying to avoid) on the ingredients list.  (It’s easy, and in time, you’ll be able to do it, too.)

One such company that prides itself on having No Nasty Chemicals™ is ecostore USA, an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company that makes plant-based, non-toxic products for your family and your home.  Even though they offer more than 100 products, ecostore makes certain that each and every product meets the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards.  The end product must be good for the user and for the planet.

I had the opportunity to test out a couple of their products, the Baby Body Wash and two of their bar soaps, Lemongrass and Coconut.

The Baby Body Wash, rated zero on the Cosmetic Database, is a gentle liquid soap that left my baby girl soft and lightly smelling of sweet lavender.   Because ecostore USA super-concentrates their formula, a tiny amount is truly all I used.  The 8-ounce bottle sells for $10.

All ecostore USA soaps are gentle and are created from pure vegetable oils and natural fragrances. We first tried the Coconut soap bar (with tiny bits of coconut that help exfoliate your skin) on my 3 year old son, thinking we would start with that one and then move on to the Lemongrass soap once we were finished.  However, we are still using the Coconut one.  In fact, at this rate, I think we’ll be using that particular bar soap for quite a while.  These bar soaps last forever!  To give you an idea of how long…

My husband is trying to use up all the massive amounts of Irish Spring bar soap we purchased a year ago at Costco.  To compare the two bar soaps, we opened the Irish Spring and ecostore’s Coconut bar soap on the same day.  My husband is on bar soap #3 and the Coconut bar is not even close to being halfway done!  At $4 for a 3.5-ounce bar that lasts this long, I think ecostore‘s soaps are a bargain!  The Lemongrass soap is also $4 but is 2.7 ounces.

I won’t say that these are my favorite non-toxic products (I don’t even know which ones would be my favorite!), but I definitely give them my personal seal of approval.  I will certainly have to try a few more of their products, like the Manuka Honey and Kelp Soap or their toilet cleaner to be doubly sure!  Check out all of ecostore USA‘s products – from personal care products to dishwashing detergents and laundry whiteners.

ecostore USA believes in fully disclosing their ingredients, so you will be able to find a comprehensive list of each ingredient on each of their product pages.

This month (July) is especially great to try ecostore USA, as they are having a BOGO sale.  They will automatically DOUBLE your order!  Plus, they always have free shipping on online orders over $25.  Or you can head down to Meijer and Duane Reade stores to purchase their products.

Make sure to keep up with all their deals and coupons by signing up for their monthly newsletter on their blog, or following them on Twitter and Facebook.

We all want what’s best for our families, and ecostore USA is there to help.

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