Let me start with some background…

My hair is not your typical hair.  Most styling products on the market are made for the typical hair.  And by typical hair, I mean your average hair type – could be straight or curly, slightly dry or slightly oily, not super fine nor super thick.  My hair is super dry, super fine, and super curly.  Not a good combination, let me tell you.

I usually have to really put a fair amount of hair product in my hair to weigh it down, thicken it up, and make it unfrizzy.  If I didn’t, it would be one big fro-ey mess.  And my hair NEVER gets oily.  Ever.  Not that I would try, but I could go months without washing my hair and not a single ounce of oil would accumulate.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  No oil translates into dry hair.

Finding a good hair product for me is like finding a rare diamond.  You hang on to the one that works.  I guess that’s why I have been avoiding this like the plague, even though I know that I need to make the switch to using a safer, more natu

ral alternative.  And (sigh) resist the temptation of buying and using my current products.

I really wanted to try PRODUCT (yes, it really is called um, PRODUCT), but severely feared the change.  Even for a day. The jar sat there starting me in the face every morning, begging me to give it a try.  (Okay, maybe PRODUCT didn’t beg, but it sure did feel that way.) I literally procrastinated until the very last day (today).

I swallowed my pride and fear that it might make me have a fro-ey mess for a day, and finally got the guts to try it for this review.  And boy did it have the ultimate test, a quadruple whammy: Humidity, salty ocean spray, and lots of wind on a freshly washed set of locks – all of which (singly) dry out my hair and make it super frizzy, so this was a major test.  Would it work?  Even my normal hair products have a hard time standing up to this test.  Gulp.  Here it goes…

PRODUCT is a 100% natural hair styling aid for men and women hand-crafted entirely from organic & plant-derived components in small batches to insure quality.  It’s simple, pure, clean, natural and pleasant-smelling.

It claims to work well with all hair types (even mine???) and lengths to de-frizz, texturize, soften, condition, and glisten.  PRODUCT’s 5 simple and natural ingredients are healthy for your hair while being friendly to the environment:

  • Certified organic shea butter
  • Certified organic aloe vera
  • Natural source vitamin E (tocopherol)
  • Wild-harvested (pesticide-free) white beeswax
  • Food-grade tangerine essential oil

PRODUCT comes in a small glass jar.  You’re supposed to scoop out a small, pea-sized amount of this thick substance (not gooey like a wax, though), rub it in your hands to “liquify” it and then smooth it through your hair (damp or dry) evenly.  For me, personally, it was not that easy.  Though I know my hair is not typical, I used way more than a pea-sized amount and it took me quite a while to spread it evenly through my damp hair (10 minutes or so).  With 2 little kids under the age of 3, I don’t have time.  Time is a luxury.

So, unfortunately, I would not be able to use PRODUCT everyday.  I need something quick.  Something that requires no fuss.  My normal routine takes me 3 minutes for start to finish (including detangling).  Again, not typical hair, so yours may take less time, effort, and product.

Overall, I am a little discouraged at the time factor, but I really did love the results.  I am happy to report that it stood up (and passed with flying colors) to all 4 major frizz factors I challenged it with (my normal product doesn’t even do that!).  An entire day has passed and my hair still looks shiny, isn’t frizzy, isn’t flakey or gooey, and feels soft.  It really did glisten, as promised.  Though I won’t be using it on a daily basis, I definitely will keep this jar for those special days that I get more time to get ready.

We also got the chance to review LIL PRODUCT for my son who loves to do anything and everything mom and dad do.  LIL PRODUCT is a pomade for kids that is made with 6 natural, safe, super-healthy plant-derived ingredients:

  • Organic Shea Butter (moisturizes and offers natural UV protection)
  • Organic Aloe Vera (tames and soothes)
  • Natural source Vitamin E (antioxidant that fights free radicals)
  • Organic white beeswax (creates a natural barrier to seal hydration)
  • Organic chamomile (brings out brilliant natural highlights)
  • Organic cinnamon leaf oil (adds yummy spicy scent)

My son and I absolutely love the smell, and he loves to put it on himself.  I love the fact that it is completely 100% safe for him to use.  Unlike my hair, the recommended pea-sized amount was way too much for his hair.  And it didn’t take more than a minute to style his hair!  (Boy I wish I could have normal hair!)


BUY: A .75 ounce glass jar of LIL PRODUCT costs $8.00 (it will really last you, though).  A 1.5 ounce jar of PRODUCT costs $14.00.  Twice the amount for less than twice the price.

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