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When I was offered to have my son try out Vidazorb’s Belly Boost probiotic supplement, I jumped at the chance.  You all know my son’s previous acid reflux issues (for the first 30 months of his life), so I was rather familiar with and ever so thankful for probiotics.  It was the only thing that truly helped him and kept him off prescription medicines (that didn’t even completely work).  There were two issues I had with the probiotics he took:

  1. They had to be refrigerated.
  2. They were a powdery mess that, though tasteless, had to be measured out and disguised in his juice.

And while that’s fine while you’re at home, it’s a rather large inconvenience when you have to travel and depend on them.  My son was generally okay without them for the first couple of days being off of them, but as soon as the microflora in his gut diminished, the acid reflux started up again.  We used to travel quite a bit at the time, so when we had to go on short 1 to 3 day trips, we left our probiotics at home, hoping that the good bacteria in his stomach could just “hang in there” until we returned.  However, on longer trips, we had to find a way to package it in order to stay as cold as possible (for the bacteria not to die and lose its effectiveness), or purchase a brand new (expensive) bottle at our destination.  Not very convenient, was it?  But we did what we had to.

At the time, I would have loved to have had some probiotics that were not in a powder form and did not have to be refrigerated.  Thankfully, Vidazorb offers just that in these cute little bug-shaped chewable probiotics.  It’s so user-friendly.  My son chews one “friendly bug” three times a day, thinking they are candy.  In fact, he keeps asking for more Zorbee bugs.

By taking probiotics, you essentially stock your gut with “good bacteria” to help keep the “bad bacteria” out.  When the microflora are imbalanced, it leaves our bodies more susceptible to illness.  Research suggests that probiotics not only helps boost immunity, but it also improves digestive/gastrointestinal issues, eczema, and food allergies.  And with food allergies on the rise these days and flu season just a few months away, who wouldn’t want to be protected?

What about yogurt?  Don’t doctors recommend yogurt when you take antibiotics?
Yes, they do.  Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria along with the good bacteria, so some yogurts help restore that imbalance and help you avoid yeast infections.  However, to get the necessary amount of good bacteria, you would have to eat an unhealthy (and nearly impossible) amount of yogurt.  In just three little yummy “bugs,” you get billions of bacteria!  Personally, my son is not a huge fan of yogurt anyway, so to get him to eat even a little everyday, would be a battle.  These chewables are a much better alternative to gobs of yogurt, wouldn’t you agree?

The only (very minor) improvement in my book would be to incorporate different colors of these cute bugs.  But my son doesn’t seem to mind that they are all purple.  Plus, I wish they made some for younger babies. (I hope they’re listening!)


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