Kids Activities Series: Sunny Beach Day!

Frugal Family Fun Blog has another great idea (especially when it’s cold or rainy outside)…

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Designate an area in your home for your “beach” and start decorating (get the kids’ help, of course).

Lay out towels and an umbrella.  Put on your bathing suits and sunglasses. Turn on and dance to music, preferably The Beach Boys, Hawaiian music, sounds of waves crashing, or anything else “beachy” (you can use Pandora for free online music).

Don’t forget reading material…
and sandwiches, freeze pops, cute frozen smoothies (with cute decorative umbrellas in them), or any other snack.
Then use your snorkeling gear to check out the fish. This easy craft idea is also from Frugal Family Fun Blog (using leaves, foil tissue paper, and googly eyes):


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