Kids Activities Series: Fun School

It’s not your regular school – it’s fun school (aka all the activities that didn’t fit anywhere else or I had left out for some reason or another).  This is also the last post in this series.  What fun this has been for me to post!  

Grow a garden in a ziplock bag. Fill the bags with moistened cotton balls and seeds of your choosing.  Leave the bags opened and tape them to a window that gets regular sun to watch them grow.  Keep the cotton balls moist. Once grown, plant the seedling in your garden.

Reading and Writing
Give “older” kids a newspaper page and a marker or crayon. Have them circle or color all the words on the page that they recognize. It’s a sure confidence booster when kids discover how many words they can actually read!

Get some ABC, number, and/or animal magnets, and let them play with them on the back of a cookie sheet or baking pan. They will get exposure to letters and numbers while making up stories with their magnets.

I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but it’s great and I plan on trying it.  For the younger kids, make fish shapes out of different color felt in two sizes, small and large, for each letter.  (Or you can use paper, color, then laminate.)  In all 26 small fish and 26 large fish in corresponding colors.  With a sharpie, write a capital letter “A” on one of the big fish, and a lowercase “a”on a small fish of the same color.  Repeat for all other 25 letters of the alphabet.  The big fish are moms and the little fish are their babies.  (You don’t have to make them into fish shapes – fish are just simple to cut out, but you can make your own shapes.)  Come up with stories where all the baby fish go to school, playground, doctor’s office, church, zoo, etc.  Then the mom fish come to pick up their corresponding babies.  Take the cues from your kids.  They’ll soon learn which letters are the same only uppercase or lowercase, a great tool for them later in school.  Store the fish in ziplock bags, and get them out often.

Get out the family albums.  Look at them together, explaining the story of each photo.
Make a photo family tree by making copies of photos of the immediate and extended family members.  Cut them out in fun shapes and paste onto cardboard or sturdy paper.  Write the names of the family members underneath each picture and put it in a place that they will be able to see it each day.  We did this for our son a long time ago, since we live so far from family.  We even made it into a tree with different colored leaves – orange, green, red, and yellow.  We placed a photo on each leaf.  All the orange, for instance, were immediate or household family members; all the red were grandparents; yellows were aunts and uncles and cousins; greens were great grandparents.  You can play with the theme and colors how you like it.  He loves to look at all the photos and it helps him to always recognize them when we/they visit.

Art and Drama
Make sock puppets out of all the pair-less left socks you have from that naughty dryer leprechaun that keeps stealing the right pairs.  Decorate with markers, felt, yarn, buttons, googly eyes, glitter, etc. Then put on a sock puppet show, or just annoy the dog.

Make flip books.

Make a drawing, then cut it into large, irregular shapes.  Put the “puzzle” pieces back together to make your drawing again.

Remember shadow puppets in a dark room with a flashlight?

Make an easy star garland to hang up in your kid’s room.  Get the instructions here.

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