Kids Activities Series: Fossil Dig

Our next idea in the “Activity Series” comes from Valerie of Frugal Family Fun Blog, a fantastic blog packed-full of free or cheap craft and activity ideas for your kids. It’s a must-read! (Plus, I’m partial to her name!)

First, you’ll need to find some sand for this activity… park, sand volleyball court, beach, etc.Second, you’ll need “fossils,” or small toys (i.e. Happy Meal toys, game pieces, toys from the dentist, or from party goodie bags). Count them to make sure you know how many there are, then bury them (partially exposed).

Third, you’ll need a sifter, salad spinner, shovels, sand rake, bucket, or any other sand toy to help aid their treasure dig.

And last, but not least, you’ll need some kids!  They’ll have a great time playing in the sand!
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    Jennifer Reyer Young says:

    We live right by a lake, I will definitely be trying this this summer!

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