Kids Activities Series: Boxes and Tubes

Ever wonder what to do with all your old boxes, tubes, and containers?  Well, wonder no more, and I’ll tell ya!

Use old boxes to make vehicles (buses, trains, cars) for the kids to play in.  Cut out appropriate holes and decorate with paint, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or construction paper.  We made a train from an old box, construction paper, duct tape, paper plates, and some old cart wheels (you can purchase these from a hardware store) last Halloween that my son still plays with (granted it is falling apart)!
Get a small toy car and make it go through tunnels of paper towel or wrapping paper tubes.
Got PVC pipes?  Then make telephones out of them and whisper to each other (it comes out pretty loud on the other end).

Make and decorate spy tubes or binoculars out of paper towel or toilet paper tubes.

Make a “kaleidoscope.” Insert a marble into an empty foil or plastic wrap tube.

Put out a bunch of empty containers (toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, yogurt containers and lids, etc.) with a bunch of craftier items (googly eyes, yarn, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, buttons, etc.) and some glue or tape.  Take turns inventing things from all the items.

Use shoeboxes or gift boxes as a doll house.  Staple or glue them the boxes together to make different rooms, decorate, then use odds and ends for the furniture and appliances (food items, lids, etc.).  Popsicle sticks work well as ladders, foil as mirrors, and blue plastic wrap as pool water, for instance.
Reserve the bigger boxes (from an appliance, for instance) for a fort or house.  Cut out doors and windows, decorate, glue/tape/staple curtains, string some Christmas lights, bring in a chair or other decorative furniture items.

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    Oh, the hours of fun that the train conductor could have! Love the reuse ideas with boxes. Free and fun.

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