Do You Freecycle?

Elizabeth writes in again, perfect timing for getting rid of all the spring cleaning items you might have de-cluttered in your home…

Today while organizing the playroom and putting together wire cubes that I bought at a garage sale for $3 I was reminded of the website Freecycle (found at as I tried to decide what to do with our old wooden shelf we no longer needed. Freecycle is an e-mail group where members post their unwanted items or items that are needed. The best part is that it is free to join and all items that are posted are free for the hauling. It is a wonderful way to reuse and recycle items that are no longer needed by you but are useful for someone else.

I haven’t found a whole lot through our local freecycle group; I think all I’ve gotten from there is a twin size trundle bed and a toddler bed, but I have given away a lot of things and it is great to be able to post an item and have it picked up. You can really find anything listed there on any given day; from a puppy or kitten to extra garden produce to bags of clothing. You are able to post anything that you think other members would find useful and I have been known to post an old washing machine, lawn mower, couch, chair, toys, vacuum cleaners, and charcoal grill. All those were picked up. Tomorrow I will be posting that wooden shelf, along with some pots and pans I no longer need. And when those are taken that means I do not have to haul them somewhere myself and I know they are going to someone who can use them. What an easy concept! I encourage you to look up your area freecycle and see what they have to offer, or see what YOU have to offer!

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    I have never heard of Freecycle before, but I love the idea. I’m going to have to check into this as I have loads of stuff to give away (which I was going to put into a garage sale), but if I can “trade” something, that would be even better. Thanks for the information.

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    Maryann D. says:

    Freecycle sounds great to try. I would love for someone to have my unwanted items. I do donate a lot to our local Veterans organization too.

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    I have things I just haven’t had the time to bring somewhere, freecycle sounds great I need to check it out!

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