Ultimate Blog-Hopping Party (and a little more about me!)

Did you hear about the BIG blog party,?  Check it out, then come back here and read a little about me!
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

In honor of this ultimate party, I would like to introduce myself (for those of you that are new to Village of Moms, of course).

Who is the blogger behind VOM?
Glad you asked (although maybe you won’t be after reading this!). I’m a Christ-following coach’s wife and stay-at-home mother to 2 kids under 3, that is desperately trying to find some way to (legally) live in Australia or New Zealand for a while.

I have traveled extensively worldwide, especially when my husband was a professional athlete, and was even born in Brazil, but that doesn’t really define me. In my life I have moved too many times to count, and I seem to do it the opposite way most people do it. Most people move from small town to big town, movin’ on up. I, on the other hand, (since married) moved from a very ritzy big town in southern California to an extremely small town on the east coast for college, then back again, then to a smaller (but still big) city in Colorado, and now am settled in a very small town in the midwest. But those don’t define me either.

What does define me in a nutshell (or a massively run-on sentence)? I am a creature of habit, obsessive compulsive-cleaning-organizing blogaholic who is a slightly crunchy, sometimes grumpy and definitely overwhelmed mom, trying (and miserably failing) to manage two blogs all during naptime. Oh, and did I mention that I type with one arm while holding a high-needs baby in the other even when she’s sleeping (apparently that’s how it’s done over here)? All in all, I really am truly blessed!

What is this blog about, and why was it started?
I started this blog (at the urging encouragement of my husband) earlier this year as a way to keep busy while holding said high-needs child as she slept in my arms.  It was either blog or watch TV while holding her.  Not sure which is actually better for me.  You can read about the actual purpose behind the blog on the Welcome Section of the sidebar, but it is meant to be a helpful resource for moms.

If you are new, welcome!  If you are a follower, now you “know” me! Thank you!

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