Should Stay-at-home Moms Just Stay Home?

Elizabeth writes for us again…

Can you really be a stay-at-home mom when you are always on the go? I think the term of stay-at-home mom has become a way to label those who do not work. You are either a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. But I know stay-at-home mothers who are away from home almost all day every day. They have to keep busy and schedule play dates and go to museums and parks and shopping and… You get the idea, it is tiring just thinking about it. It is similar to the “homeschoolers” who are gone constantly, my thoughts are always, “how can you homeschool if you are never at home?”I think that it is important for a stay-at-home mom to have friends who we can converse with and for our children to have playdates. And I don’t think that a stay-at-home mom needs to be stuck at home all day long. But I think that if we start to see a need where we have to go somewhere everyday, or do something away from home for several hours each day, we need to ask ourselves why? Why are we not content to just be, and to let our children form a bond with their own siblings rather than always needing a different playmate? Why did we choose to be a stay-at-home mom to be with our children when we are instead running to houses where our children can be entertained, several times a week? It’s almost as though we are running away from the stay-at-home position that we chose.

I do wish that there was a playgroup or Mommy and Me group around here. I wish that we had a nice community center or child’s place to go in the area. It is a bit isolating to be in a small town that really has nothing geared towards children. But I don’t wish it to have something to do daily, or even weekly. My children get along well with one another and are best friends. I have enough to do at home without running around daily for several hours. My job is raising my own children and running my own home.

Homeschooling also takes time and that time needs to be spent at home, for the most part. The extras are fun activities but are not required daily activities. There are times that I haven’t left the house (except for a walk with the kids or to play in our own yard) for several days at a time. I actuallyneed to be home to focus on my children and my duty. I know the mothers who always have something planned and are running from one playdate to the next or one store to another and they are so hurried all the time. They are restless at home too, not knowing what to do with themselves or their children.

It really comes down to balance. We stay-at-home mothers should not be stuck at home all day everyday, but we should be at home enough to focus on what the true meaning of a wife, homemaker, and mommy entail. If your housework is suffering, or your children seem to be lost without a friend around, or you seem to be spending too much money on mindless shopping or bored to be at home than I think that is a good point to ask yourself what your mission in life is and how you can fulfill it. Because you can’t really be a stay-at-home mom if you are never home.

Your thoughts? What are your schedules like? Do you agree or disagree with what I said?

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