Road Trip Tips

Will Travel By Foot’s blogger, Carissa, writes for us again about road trips, just in time for Spring Break!

4) Pack a separate overnight bag

If we are traveling somewhere and need to stay in a hotel overnight along the way, I pack a separate overnight bag. I put a change of clothes for everyone and toiletries in a small duffel bag. This way we don’t have to carry the entire suitcase into the hotel with us.

To save on space, I rarely pack pajamas for the kids when we travel. Every night they get a bath/shower and put on clean underwear and a t-shirt. The next morning they just put on their pants and away we go.

5) Remember it’s the voyage, not the destination

I know it can be difficult to just let go and take time to stop and enjoy the surroundings. Depending on where we’re heading, my focus can sometimes be on just arriving at our destination. But, it’s important to remember that much of the fun comes from the journey.

Take time before you leave to research some fun things to see along your route. Look up some boxes ahead of time and do some letterboxing. Maybe you’ll see a sign for something interesting and decide to take a detour. Some of the best memories can be made by allowing yourselves to get lost in the trip.

One of my dreams is to take six to eight weeks and travel around the United States with my little family and see all of the amazing sights that I have missed out on. I hope this post encourages your family to take a road trip.

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