Menu 4/5 – 4/11

I was delighted to stumble upon Baking Bites this week and will be trying out a few recipes this week…I couldn’t help it. My mouth was watering at every recipe. If you haven’t come across this site yet, I highly suggest you check it out).  Last week we had a couple of impromptu get-togethers, so I didn’t get a chance to do all the planned meals.  That will explain their reappearance on this week’s menu.

   Dinner: Huevos Rancheros on homemade corn tortillas
   Lunch: Picnic ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit (college baseball game)
   Dinner: Asparagus and Meyer lemon risotto and turkey 
   Lunch: Veggie burgers fruit
   Dinner:  Seasoned rice and beans
   Lunch: Ham and swiss filled bread with eggs
   Dinner: Leftover potluck (out to a college musical production)
   Lunch: College cafeteria
   Dinner: Chicken and dumplings
   Lunch: Ritualistic pizza with friends
   Dinner: Repurposed leftovers
   Lunch: Chinese with friends
   Dinner: Leftover Buffet, Lemon blueberry scones for Small Group

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