Kids Activities Series: Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is great for a rainy (or cold) day!

Get creative and pack up (snacks, “fishing pole,” sleeping bags and more) for the “trip” to the wilderness.  The kids will get a kick out of it!

Here’s what we did:

Got the tent (on a card table) set-up in our perfect “wilderness” campsite (use a combination of furniture and blankets/sheets)

It was all fun and games until a bear (aka our dog) showed up!

Apparently it was a friendly bear because here we are roasting marshmallows on our “fire” (we used chopsticks for the skewers and red fabric for the fire)

What’s a campfire without music?

Going fishing for supper (we tied fishing wire to a walking stick. but you can use a stick you find outside and some yarn or string)

We caught one! (we had a play fish, but you can always make and cut out one out of paper or fabric)

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