Kids Activities Series: Goopy Fun

If you are not of the squeamish variety, you will enjoy watching your kids play with these “goopy” ideas in our Activities Series.

Photo by Morgan

Did you know there is more than one way to make Oobleck (more scientifically classified as “green goop” or “swamp slime”)? You can use cornstarch or use borax and glue.  It’s quite a gooey hit especially when used with cookie cutters, but it’s definitely not for tasting.  Check out Martha Stewart or eHow for the directions, and then make a double batch (one for the kids and one for the adults). By the way, it doesn’t have to be green…other colors work just fine!

Gak, which is very similar to oobleck, is my personal preference.  See it here.

Homemade playdough Easy to make and costs practically nothing!  All you need is water, salt, flour, oil, and food coloring.  Get the full
recipe here, then get out the rolling pins and cookie cutters.  If you’re brave (there may be a bath involved afterwards), let them squish their toes in it as well!

Homemade playdough with a twist:

  • Kool-Aid playdough (The yummy-smelling recipe is found at Recipe Zaar.)
  • Edible peanut butter playdough (Find the delicious-to-even-look-at recipe at Make and Takes.)

Making volcanoes has always been an explosion of fun for kids.  Don’t worry, it’s not really an explosion.  It just the bubbling action of baking soda and vinegar on a cone of clay, sand, or playdoh. Get creative and colorful!  (Tips on how you can create one at home)

Before (this one was made from papier mache):
Photos provided by Elaine Ashton (hfb)


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    Brandy says:

    I love the idea of making an edible peanut butter playdough, but not sure about eating after touching with lots of kid hands! Hah.

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