Kids Activities Series: Food Fun

Abandon what your mother told you long ago about playing with your food. Next up in our Activities Series is fun with food.  (Yep, it’s really okay to play with your food.)

Hula hot dogs
Have the kids poke raw spaghetti through their hot dogs. Boil the decorated hot dogs.  Voila!  An entertaining lunch of hula-skirted hot dogs!  You can also do this same method to make squid hot dogs (just cut the hot dogs into several small pieces and stick the spaghetti through them like so).
Photo by Mark.

Popcorn snow people…
Pop some popcorn.  While the corn is popping, melt marshmallows with a tablespoon of butter in a pan (on low and constantly stirring) or in the microwave.  Roll the popcorn in the melted marshmallow (beware, this is a sticky mess) and make snowmen by sticking bunches of the popcorn together!
Banana people
With a Sharpee or ball-point pen, draw faces on the peels of bananas before you eat them!

Easy peanut butter cups…
Maya-Made has a great idea you can make with the kids.  Go to her blog for details.
Go fish
Dip the pretzel sticks into peanut butter and “catch” fish (goldfish crackers).
Finger pudding…
Finger painting with pudding!  You can eat and “paint” at the same time! (Tub time may be needed afterwards.)

Have a picnic outside (or inside if the weather is bad)!
Tea party…
Make miniature-sized goodies on miniature-sized plates and cups.  Dress up in hats and have afternoon tea on a blanket or on a kid-sized table.
Food necklaces…
Use Cherrios, uncooked pasta of various shapes and colors, and yarn to make necklaces.  Try to create your own pattern.

Easy ziplock omelets…
Want an easy way for kids to make their own omelets?  Check out at Boy Terrain.

Grocery store…
Use your pantry and let the kids “go shopping.”  Use fake money to have them pay for the food at the checkout counter.
Edible mouse (if you can stand to eat such a cute little guy)
Totally tots has a great idea for an edible strawberry mouse.  I have made the same mouse but using peanuts as ears and molded peanut butter cookies as the body.  Eithre way, totally cute and edible fun!!!

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