Kids Activities Series: Edible Aquarium

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I found this fantastic see-through blue container at the Dollar Tree as well as the plastic water animals.

I washed those items really, really well before anything else :)

Then the boys helped me make jello – this container held three packets of jello! We did it in layers and added fish on each level.

I added three straws at the very beginning and once all the jello had set I trimmed the straws so they only came as high as the jello and I stuck pipe cleaners in the straws to look like seaweed-y/grassy stuff. I know. It looks nothing like seaweed-y/grassy stuff. But use your imagination :)

Our final step was to add an alligator, seal, turtle and frog to the top of the jello.
Here it is from a side view:

I loved doing this activity with Judah – not only did it include “cooking” together, but he also got to learn the names of some water creatures he didn’t previously know about (Seal!). We had a friend over for dinner the evening we served this and Judah was quite excited to show off his plate aquarium and his Jello aquarium.


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    Mary Williams says:

    This looks awesome! My son would get a huge kick out of this!

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