How to Organize Your Kids Without Organizing Them

Elizabeth from More Than A Mom writes: I am so much more than just one role. I’m a MOM to two beautiful children; I’m a WIFE; I’m a CAREGIVER with my home day care; I’m ME because I have a variety of interests that include spirituality, menu planning, toddler stories and ideas to keep their interest while learning, working out and maintaining a healthy weight, decluttering and organizing, being financially responsible, as well as reading. 

Hi! My name is Elizabeth. I am a wife to Scott and mom to Ava (4) and Travis (2). I am More Than A Mom with a home daycare where I have up to 5 additional toddlers to my own kids.  Being organized takes a lot of stress out of the daily routine and reduces the what do I feed them or do with them next questions from constantly running through my head. I do a lot of the toddler organizing on my daycare website here. When I am more relaxed, so are the children. I am also cautious to not over-organize because that can add other stresses when things don’t fall neatly into place. Let me explain …

I have found the happy  medium is to sit down at the end of the month and come up with a monthly menu. Check out April’s toddler lunch and family dinner plans. With the monthly menu plan I ensure that the appropriate food is in the house (and it helps me use up food I know is in the pantry or the freezer) but if I don’ feel like preparing what is for that day, I simply skip to another day that I have on the plan because the food is (supposed) to be around the kitchen.

I am a born-organized so I take things a step further and develop weekly themes through my monthly newsletter. Doing this helps me come up with family traditions for holidays I didn’t know existed pre-kids. I also feel I’m giving the kids a great pre-school structure in a casual setting. I love to Google toddler lesson plans and a ton of free ones pop up. Here is a list of some great children’s websites you can check out and get started on, too.

I personally enjoy crafts but am not as creative or patient as I’d like to be when it comes to kids and their crafts. What I have done is discovered others who are creative with their ideas (see the children’s websites) who take the guess work out of what crafts to do. I even found a local lady who creates the kits per child at a reasonable price! Her website is Crafts to Go.

I’m not original but I’m of the belief, why re-invent it if someone else has started it and I just need to customize it to my kids and needs. I’m flexible and try to “roll with it,” so it stays light and fun.

What resources do you use for kid-inspired ideas? Do you plan for your kids activities and, if so, link up your sources in the comments so we can all share our ideas instead of starting from scratch.

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