Menu 2/21 – 2/28

(I usually do it Monday through Sunday, so this is an exception):

Lunch: Leftovers potluck
Dinner: Mini turkey-bacon/cheddar meatloaves, Garlic bread, Cinnamon baked apples w/ cream


   Lunch: Turkey and cheese bagel sandwiches, Grapes
   Dinner: Tomato basil orange roughy (w/ pureed asparagus mixed in for my picky eater), Garlic & olive oil couscous


   Lunch: Spinach and ham calzones, Fresh-squeezed oj
   Dinner: Luigi thin steaks, Pasta w/ chicken broth sauce, Green beans


   Lunch: Out to a doctor appointment
   Dinner: Two-bean chili on the crock pot


   Lunch: Fish & chips (the frozen food aisle way – hey, I never claimed to be a total Betty Crocker!)
   Dinner: Lemon rosemary chicken, Broccoli (pureed) rice


   Lunch: College cafeteria
   Dinner: Leftover buffet, Grandma’s avocado milkshake


   Lunch: Ritualistic pizza at friend’s house
   Dinner: Swedish meatballs (with pureed peas mixed it for my picky one) w/ sauce, Egg noodles


   Lunch: Leftover buffet
   Dinner: Shredded chicken (slow-cooked) soft tacos buffet, Ganache-topped brownie bites (or my first attempt at them)

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