I’m Not Green, but…

I have never thought of myself as granola.  Not even a little bit.  I don’t even like to eat granola!  I was girlie, a dancer, wore dresses, was never barefoot, loved dressing up, was conservative, etc.  The mere thought of granola brought hippie to mind, and I fled at the thought.

But as the years have passed by, and mommyhood took over, the dress-wearing dancing girlie girl disappeared.  Well, not completely.  I am still girlie at times, and I do wear dresses a lot in the summer (and yes, I am still very much conservative, if not more so). I have stumbled upon and been reading some “greener” blogs lately and have realized that maybe I have become a little “green.”  I said a little. I guess if there was a crunch factor scale, I would be a 4 out of 10…slightly crunchy.  I still prefer soggy Grape Nuts over crunchy.  Totally off-topic, I know.
Here’s the reason why I think I’m slightly crunchy.  It’s not so much that I’m not SO girlie anymore (though I am trying to be more girlie for my girl’s sake), but more because of my choices in parenting my children:
  1. I did nurse my son for more than 1 year (21 months or so), but no so much by choice.  He rather enjoyed it and wouldn’t let go of it (I was exasperated by the end of it).  Since then, I have changed my mind and agreed to allow my newborn daughter to nurse up until about the same age. It’s good for them.  
  2. Though we did not do this with our son, we will be delaying vaccines (alternative vaccination schedule) with our daughter for personal reasons I will blog about in the future.
  3. We did the cosleeping thing with our son until he was just over a year and a half and “ready” and willing to sleep in his room, and will be doing the same routine with the new babe.  I don’t like to force these “fear-of-leaving” issues on our children until they show the initiative to do it willingly on their own.  I don’t think it’s worth it, and the pay-off is great!!  
  4. I am all for babywearing, holding your baby as much as possible, and attachment parenting (the Dr. Sears way).
  5. Sometimes in the winter months I “forget” to shave my legs for a few weeks at a time (did i just admit that?).
  6. I am considering homeschooling.
Sorry to disappoint some of you “greener” gals, I still won’t cloth diaper* or tandem-nurse, and I still love schedules.
UPDATE: This has since changed.  I did cloth diaper!

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