A Birth Story

I thought I would start this blog on Valentine’s Day with what most recently went on in my life…the birth of our second child.

It was an an absolutely beautiful and cold (but not windy) snowy morning. It had already snowed about an inch, and the snow was still falling down so calmly with no other cars in sight.
We waltzed right into the hospital just before 5:30 am (less than an hour before the contractions had started).  Everything was quiet on the 4th floor.
At that point I didn’t know that the baby was sunny side up and I would be having “back labor.” Back labor, as most know, makes labor much longer than it needs to be, and what I thought would be a very quick (maybe 2 hour labor) turned into about 4.5 hours.  If it weren’t for my AWESOME nurses, doctor, husband, and doula (everyone deserves a doula, by the way), I wouldn’t have made it through with back labor without any meds and wouldn’t have had a natural childbirth like I had planned. My doula was the best doula and my doctor couldn’t have been better – they were both of immeasurable value. Actually, the doc, doula and nurse all played with our older child (toddler) who (unplanned) happened to attend the birth. I couldn’t ask for a better and in sync birth team. The doc stayed in there a lot of the time (on her day off, by the way) and the nurse stayed the entire time. I had not intended to have our toddler in there entire time, but the tot did so well and loved it so much that we just kept at it.
Because of my back labor, I had a super long transition phase (I was stuck at 8 for almost 2 hours instead of having a 30 minute transition from 8 to 10 cm). My doula got me in the tub and was able to get the baby turned most of the way before the doc broke my water to speed things along out of the transition phase. It worked. I was at 10 cm in about 30 minutes and was able to push. The babe was born just a few (very short) minutes later. I still can’t believe my labor and birth plan actually went mostly as planned (all except for her position). And I was so surprised that I didn’t ask for meds once – I actually even said I didn’t want them at one point. (Actually, other than Tums during my pregnancy, I have not had one single medication during my pregnancy, labor, delivery or recovery and do not intend to! Yea!) No tears or episiotomy, thanks to my awesome doc. Yea! My husband got to help the doctor turn her the rest of the way and he caught her, cut cord, etc.
After a brief moment with the babe, the babe was whisked away due to excessive amniotic fluid in the stomach (causing blue baby).  Intubation and oxygen ensued.  We were discharged from the hospital that evening (less than half of a day!) and were in our beds that night with a healthy baby and a very excited toddler.
I hope you have a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  I know I will be snuggling with my 3 Valentines!


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